California Providers Continue to Push for Unionization

July 8, 2015 | Norbert Haupt


In California, there are new initiatives underway to unionize in-home childcare providers. The arguments for both sides are powerful. This article in The Sacramento Bee outlines the background of the drive to unionize, and the reasons why providers are interested.

Sometimes providers have trouble getting reimbursed by the Alternative Payment agency that is tasked to disburse the state and federal funds for childcare. When that happens, they feel powerless.

According to the Bee article:

…She said the system of agencies and nonprofits that provides much of her income is so badly mismanaged that it has sometimes left her without compensation for months at a time.

Once, she said, she did not receive pay from an alternative payment agency for two months when a parent forgot to indicate on a form which school one of her three sons attended. Raising California Together’s team also says providers often lose pay when they aren’t notified that parents have become ineligible for subsidies.

The burden of paperwork for subsidy administration agencies, in California called Alternative Payment agencies, is immense, and if documents are not in place, for whatever reason, the agency cannot pay the provider.

It is understandable, however, that this is often not the provider’s fault, and when their mortgage is on the line because of a missed payment from the agency, it is no surprise they are looking for representation.