Mission, Vision & Values

Our Mission

We create and support software solutions for state and local governments, social services agencies, educational organizations and childcare providers on a national scale with a focus on subsidized childcare and general childcare.

Our solutions include software systems, software as a service, integrated devices, legacy system interfaces and consulting services, to help our client agencies streamline their internal operations, and achieve compliance with government regulations.

We apply our domain expertise, dedication and experience to provide our clients with the information they need to make sound business decisions about how constantly evolving computer technology impacts the quality of services they provide to the families and children they serve.


Our Vision

We will be a great customer oriented company, where greatness is measured by the manner in which we respond to the needs, wishes and requirements of our clients. Our customers drive our internal innovation and enhancement of our product offerings. We will continuously provide quality solutions that empower our clients to achieve their fullest potential while supporting them with world class customer service.

By staying ahead of the competition and abreast of both the latest technology and the ever-changing government regulations, we will break down technological barriers and make it easier for our customers to serve their clients.

We will be the recognized preeminent supplier of systems and services to subsidized childcare administration and childcare providers on a national scale.

By creating lasting partnerships with our client agencies, we will become a solution provider for them, which will lead to new opportunities that arise throughout the social services sector. By carefully examining those opportunities and aligning them with our overall core competencies and product mix, we will successfully expand into other related markets.

We will strive to provide quality solutions that are as simple and easy to use as possible. Our products will be well designed and appeal to the largest number of client agencies possible.

We will provide exceptional return to our shareholders. Our financial growth will exceed the market average in a sustainable fashion over time.

We will offer an exciting and rewarding work experience to our employees, with room to grow and advance.


Our Values

Integrity – We treat our clients, partners, employees, shareholders and community associations with integrity in all aspects of business dealings. We maintain a fair, honest, open, ethical and professional business environment at all times.

Client Driven – We are a client driven organization. We listen to our clients for suggestions and feedback, and we maintain processes and environments where client needs are recorded and considered in all product and business decisions. We provide the highest quality of services and products at all times. We view and treat our clients as our partners.

Teamwork – Our business requires exceptional teamwork between both our staff and our clients. Our communications reflect the focus of teamwork in all areas and on all levels of the organization.

Economic Value – To achieve our vision, we must always be profitable. This benefits our shareholders and employees, as well as our clients, since it enables us to continue to provide creative, innovative and first-rate systems and services.

Innovation – In our ever-changing world, only innovation and creativity will ensure that we remain one step ahead at all times. Our clients benefit from better products, and our employees enjoy an exciting and rewarding work experience.

Pride – We enjoy our work, we are proud of our results, and we are honored to be helping our clients as core partners in their business.