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See why childcare administrators in multiple states choose to work with Controltec.

Experience-Driven Solutions

Controltec serves agencies administering subsidized child care at all levels of government. The domain expertise we have developed over many installations of child care agency systems provides our team with a critical competitive edge—and a major advantage for our clients. If you are looking to improve operations, eliminate fraud, and increase accountability, our state-of-the-art subsidy management and electronic attendance collection systems can help.

Your Partner in Childcare Subsidy Management

Team up with a software partner that combines technological expertise and hands-on support with decades of industry experience. With client agencies throughout the country, Controltec understands the day-to-day issues and practicalities of managing subsidy childcare. Agencies in states such as New York, California, Ohio, Missouri, and Washington have benefitted from Controltec’s flexible solutions, as well as our client-driven, collaborative approach. Discover how our solutions can transform your work.

Modernize Your Operations
Eliminate Fraud
Improve Accountability